Anna & Anthony

tied the knot on 08.10.2013

“We feel truly lucky to have had My-Dung was our wedding coordinator this past Saturday. We had a 300 guest count, six priests, two sets of very attentive parents, and an 89 year old grandma who we wanted to feel as comfortable and happy as humanly possible. Every single person came out with big smiles and we owe a lot of that to My-Dung. We didn’t worry about ANYTHING came wedding day. She lead us through the entire day with sweetness, care, and a sense of professionalism where we knew we could trust her judgement and follow her without question. On top of that, I strained my knee and had a calf cramp going into the wedding, but My-Dung held my hand and slowly lead me where ever I needed to go- I never felt pushed, rather, I felt like I had my best friend next to me, encouraging me, and helping me through the entire day. She is an amazement and my husband and I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone getting married.”


Huong & Aaron

tied the knot on 06.15.2013

“My lovely wife and I were married on June 15. About sometime in April, my then fiancee was freaking out and on the verge of cracking. Long story short, we lived 1600 miles away from where we were supposed to be wed (family in California, while we lived in Colorado). While on the verge of breaking down into tears (both of us), we decided the planning was too much for us and we needed help. We could not do this remotely. We looked up yelp and saw My-Dung. We gave her a call, and in an instant she calmed us. Although she wasn’t able to attend the wedding, our agreement was that she helped us organize and prepare for it. She did a fantastic job in reassuring my wife that everything is going to be fine. The phone call ended with us looking forward to the wedding instead of dreading it.

We flew in, and met My-Dung for the first time, we were very impressed of what she had in store. The ideas, and also the thought process. She offered her help in many different ways and gave alternatives solutions to things we saw that were unsolvable. This is the KEY! She finds ways to make things work. From the planning to the actual wedding, she was there for us, always asking of what tasks she and offload for us. She keeps us on our toes on our deadlines and lays out the options in such a way that we see the finish product as something we can be proud of.

We met a couple of times through the months and with each time, she calmed us when our anxiety attacked. She drove to our place at midnight the day before the wedding to give us our decorations and other things! She is worth bit of what we paid and more. We believe without her, our wedding would not have been as successful as it was.

Although she was already booked for the day we wanted, she was able to keep in contact with us to make sure things go on time. She was still there with us to let us know everything is going to be fine. We hired a wedding planner but made a true friend.”


Frances & Gary

tied the knot on 10.14.2012

“My husband and I hired My Dung to be our day-of coordinator for our wedding in October 2012 at the Bently Reserve in SF. We had 240 guests and wanted someone who has experience dealing with Chinese wedding. From the initial consultation with My Dung she was organized, friendly, and very easy to work with. I liked her so much, I hired her on the same day I interviewed her (something I normally do not do) and I did not regret my decision. She is very accommodating and attended every site visit and meeting I scheduled for my wedding, responded to my emails in a timely manner and had great suggestions.

On the day of our wedding, I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be and trusted that My Dung will be able to execute and coordinate our wedding as planned. My Dung came through and made sure that everything was seamless so that we could enjoy the happiest day of our lives, and boy did we have fun! From the second I handed over all of our vendors’ information, I didn’t have to deal with anything else. The day before the wedding, my bridal party and I were just relaxing at the hotel, hanging out and having fun and I didn’t have to worry about a thing. My Dung gained my trust early on in the wedding planning process because she knew exactly how to solve and answer any wedding questions I had. She was always very responsive and always took the time to go over any and all details that I needed help with. Even though I felt like our wedding might get complicated, she never made me feel like it was and she’d just shed light on how I can make things easier.

My husband did not think we would need a day of coordinator and assumed we could do it on our own. Being as anal as I am, I knew that having a coordinator was a must for our wedding. We don’t know what we would have done without her. Our guests have even commented on how nice and great of a coordinator she was and asked if she was one of my good friends. To that I replied that she is :) She had our back and there is no way that we could have enjoyed our day and focused on our guests, each other, and had fun if she wasn’t there. She was a HUGE help before our wedding day, on our wedding day and even after. I’ll definitely miss wedding planning, but I’m glad I can look back and know I chose a great wedding coordinator. Thank you My Dung for all your help!!”


Eddie & Joy

tied the knot on 09.08.2012

“If you’re having a wedding, we would highly suggest to any couple to hire at least a day-of-coordinator for their wedding day, particularly, Weddings by My-Dung. You will not be disappointed.

We were the type of couple who was so hands on with the entire wedding planning (yes, the groom was all hands on deck), with most of our wedding details being a years’ worth of DIY projects, we found (especially the bride) it extremely difficult to trust someone to execute our wedding day without our presence when we both wanted everything arranged/planned as we imagined (as people would call an anal bride). Of course no bride, groom or entourage can be at two places at once. My-Dung gave us no doubt that she knew exactly how we vision our wedding to be. Which turned out to be everything we wished for and more.

From our initial appointment with My-Dung to the evening of our wedding, we could not thank My-Dung enough for the service she provided for us. With a heart of gold, profound professionalism, humble character and superb organizational skills, My-Dung can adapt to any situation with the utmost calmness and magically appear when it’s essential. Now, don’t be fooled with her cute smile and upbeat personality, My-Dung definitely knows how and when to command a crowd with a respectful demeanor when necessary (especially during a wedding rehearsal). Having two sets of family members come together, they can easily get distracted with side conversations and not pay attention to their queues or even randomly venture off missing. That’s when My-Dung steps up to the plate and easily gains their undivided attention.

Even though we only hired My-Dung as a day-of-coordinator, she exceeds her duties before the wedding even begins. Have a question? She always has an answer to anything that comes to mind. And on top of that, she always has useful suggestions and creative ideas that you might not have thought of.

Now imagine soon-to-be bride and groom, waking up on your wedding day with nothing to worry about. Just getting up in the morning to eat breakfast, sitting calmly to get your make up/hair done, sliding into your gorgeous dress/tuxedo and dancing shoes, then enjoying a glass or two or three of your favorite drink or beverage. Most importantly, having the ability to enjoy the most special day of your lives together. No worries about phones calls from vendors or phone calls ensuring vendors are arriving on time. No worries about the decorations, food, music, photographer, videographer, TIMING, etc. My-Dung is there to ensure your mind is at ease and you both can just show up and enjoy your special day together. And that is exactly what we did.

Still not convinced? Believe you can trust a bridesmaid, groomsmen, close relative or friend to work behind the scene? By all means, they can help out as much as possible but you would also want them to have a moment to enjoy your wedding day as well and that’s where My-Dung comes in. Leave it to the PROS to handle your wedding. The last thing you need is someone inexperienced stressing out or worse start stressing the couple out.

Our wedding ended up with the bride in tears. Not just any tears.Tears of joy for all My-Dung accomplished for us and tears of sadness because the wedding was finally over. This bride might be one of a kind but if we were to do it all over again, we’d hire Weddings by My-Dung in a heartbeat.

We wouldn’t know what we would have done without My-Dung. We absolutely love her!!”


Kathy & An

tied the knot on 06.09.2012

“I could write an entire essay about how My-Dung saved my sanity during my crazy year of wedding planning. My-Dung has, without hesitation, always put our needs first. In fact, often times, she made us feel like ours was the only wedding she was planning, she was that attentive, responsive, and caring. For instance, she met with us at least four times in person before the wedding, and kept telling us that we could schedule even more meetings if it made us feel more comfortable.

There was also one occasion where I was totally worried about hiring two different vendors to decorate my reception venue, and their not being able to coordinate the wedding colors. Because I live and work in the peninsula, it was not easy for me to get down to the south bay where the vendors were located. Well, as soon as I expressed my concern to My-Dung, she stepped up and visited both vendors and smoothed out the issue so that the colors were perfectly coordinated. She also took ownership over bringing all the items that were needed (flower baskets, petals, programs etc.) to the wedding venue so that I never for a second had to worry that I would forget this or that on the big day.

The knot’s wedding to-do-list was so over the top that it totally made me freak out each time I even glanced at it, and quickly I just stuck to My-Dung’s planning lists, which were totally appropriate for each stage of planning and very organized.

One of the most important things for me was that our wedding coordinator could speak Vietnamese because so many of the guests were monolingual. My-Dung is totally fluent in both English and Vietnamese, so if your guests are like mine, this decision should be a no brainer!! During the rehearsals and the entire wedding day, I had guests and bridal party members continually praise my decision to hire My-Dung – she was just so incredibly helpful and competent that everything was a breeze. And my wedding day was just absolutely perfect – not a single thing went wrong, and I was truly able to enjoy the day because of her. You will be one happy bride if you hire My-Dung as your day-of coordinator!!”


Tina & Jim

tied the knot on 10.22.2011

“DEDICATED and PROFESSIONAL!! My husband and I were so fortunate to have My-Dung as our day of coordinator for our destination/private family ranch wedding bonanza. Her poise and ability to hone in on our vision for the day convinced us that she was the right person for the job and in the end she came through 100%. My-Dung worked with us through a five month planning process to totally understand what we were hoping to achieve. When it comes to taking care of business, she’s got both the larger picture and the details handled. I felt that each of the elements I had spent hours thinking and planning for were beautifully executed and she was there in the weeks leading up to the wedding to help me plan and organize for things I had never considered. I honestly cannot speak highly enough of her, My-Dung was by far the most dedicated and organized vendor we worked with and my family and friends were so impressed by her professionalism and organization. One of my big concerns was that I would get dragged into or distracted by some absurd detail on my wedding day, but My-Dung delivered a stress free day (she was a great enforcer of the “don’t bug the bride and groom law”) that my husband and I were able to enjoy and be fully present for. And we had our share of complicating elements happening in the wedding: all the guests were shuttled to and from a remote ranch location, outdoor “VIP portable toilets,” Karaoke, a ceremony and reception that were both outdoors and finally, two Pinatas. However, from the earliest planning stages, My-Dung supported all of our crazy plans and created a minute by minute schedule that mapped out the whole day, the result was a wedding felt fluid and seamless. She is awesome and if you need a wedding planner, look no further.”


Lily & Jose

tied the knot on 08.31.2011

“My husband and I hired My-Dung as our day-of coordinator for our Sept. 2011 wedding, and we couldn’t be happier with her service. After interviewing several coordinators, we felt My-Dung has the enthusiasm and dedication to provide us a stress-free wedding day.

Before the wedding, My-Dung met with us several times to go over all the details with the program and vendor setups. She was very responsive in all her communications and sent me reminders of what else I still needed to do. She reached out to all my vendors and made sure everything was in order.

On the day of, she delivered 110%. We had a Vietnamese/American combo wedding (aka 15-hour marathon), and I was worried things were bounded to go wrong one way or another. Let me just said that it went as smoothly as I could have hoped for. There were some issues with table arrangements at the reception, and My-Dung quickly resolved the issue and informed me of the situation. I was thankful for her quick thinking to avoid any awkward scene. Although we hired her as our day-of coordinator, she went above and beyond her duties to ensure we had a fun memorable wedding. We can’t thank her enough for everything she did.

Thank you, My-Dung!”


Haidi & David

tied the knot on 06.25.2011

“Where should I begin w/ this heaven sent woman?! My-Dung was our wedding day coordinator and I’m so thankful my cousin introduced me to her.

I’m one of those brides who thrives off of details and don’t like anyone interfering w/ my wedding because I have very little trust that others will follow through w/ what I want. However, we spent a fortune on our wedding and there’s no way we were going to stress on our wedding day nor let our families not enjoy it either. So here’s where My-Dung stepped in…

Above all and everything, I trusted My-Dung. I had to if I wanted my husband and I to enjoy and soak in our celebration. I only needed her help for our reception so throughout the process, we would set up meetings just to go over what vendors I had booked and worked on the agenda for the day. I respected that she allowed my family to handle the ceremonies and she only stepped in when they needed her help. My-Dung also has this calmness about her. She is understanding and does not act bossy like some other coordinators we had met w/. She’s patient and will get things done. I was frustrated dealing w/ the table arrangements at our venue and she stepped in and dealt directly w/ the person in charge. She has checklists for every step to ensure that she’s doing what you want, and that you’re on top of what you need to provide.

It was unfortunate I didn’t get to see her much on my wedding day, but that’s how awesome she is. She’s like a ninja doing all the details while I’m having the best time of my life celebrating w/ my husband, our families, and friends. Basically, My-Dung was the person running the reception for us. She was there early to deal w/ all my vendors and made sure things were PERFECT. She was also the last to leave the reception and if I could give her 10 stars, I would so give her 11! Some of our family members were stranded w/ no ride since they could not drive home, and MD didn’t even hesitate to take them home! Thanks, MD!! I woke up the next morning and found all my wedding stuff in the living room. They weren’t lost or broken or anything. That’s how organized she was.

All the brides/grooms should better book her soon bc she’s gonna kill all the other coordinating companies soon! Ever since we knew her, her business has been skyrocketing!

MD, you’re too awesome!! :)”


Nhu-Chi & Greg

tied the knot on 05.28.2011

“My-Dung coordinated my wedding this past May in San Diego. She may be referred as a Day of Coordinator, but you truly have her full commitment throughout the entire wedding planning process. In fact, she insists in being involved throughout your planning so that she knows exactly how to execute your day exactly how you want it. I felt so at ease knowing that she was just a phone call away no matter what the question or issue was. Not only is she your wedding planning guide she is your friend in every sense of the word. My-Dung met with us on countless occasions to make sure we were on track. She also provided a detailed program with a checklist of everything that needed to be prepared. The program was perfectly timed and executed. Mostly importantly, she made sure we were enjoying every minute of our wedding day. We didn’t have to look at our watch because she was there to guide us along so we didn’t have to think about what was next or who was doing what.

My wedding involved a lot of do-it-yourself projects and My-Dung executed them perfectly! Flowers, decorations, centerpieces, candy bar were all DIY. My-Dung had a lot to prep and set up but she managed to do it all on time and without a hitch. Also, worth noting, My-Dung is multilingual so it was really wonderful that she was able to assist our older Vietnamese guests. Our guests even noted how sweet and respectful she was with them.

One of the most memorable parts of my wedding day was when my mom accidently got buzzed off of champagne thinking it was apple cider. She went into a frenzy thinking she would throw up or faint because she has never drank so much. This was minutes before my parents walked me down the aisle so as you can imagine it was quite stressful. My-Dung managed to keep everyone calm and reassured my mom that everything was going to be ok. She also made sure we took our time and looked after mom so I wasn’t too stressed out. After a few minutes, we managed to walk my drunken mom out. My-Dung continued to keep us calm and guided us along to make sure everyone ok. If My-Dung can manage a drunken crisis like mine, I’m sure she can handle anything!”